Cyberdise AG


  • Report-a-Phish Button (M365 / Outlook)

    With the Report-a-Phish Button users can report suspicious e-mails. Deliver them to one or multiple e-mail accounts and have them forwarded to your SOAR environment or Sandbox

  • Integrated with Phishing Exercises

    Reporting and dashboard integration with phishing exercises: identify the users who have behaved exemplarily in an phishing simulation and award them with a higher rating score.

  • Button Customization Options

    The Report-a-Phish Button allows easy customization and a full tenant specific white labelling of various plugin functions (icon, tool tips, messages, ribbon, transmission protocol, message header, etc.).

  • Positive Behavior Reinforcement

    The Report-a-Phish Button supports positive behaviour reinforcement with custom thank you messages.

  • Phish Report Autoresponder

    The user gets automated feedback if the reported message was a simulated phishing message. More feedback options can be configured: A risk scoreof the message, the current rating of the user and many more.

  • Reports-API

    Most functionality of the Cyberdise Pishing Button including the reporting data can be retrieved with standard REST-API endpoints.