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Cyberdise makes people smarter and companies safer

Unleash the power of Cyberdise, your gateway to brilliance and business resilience! At Cyberdise, we’re not just about smarter minds; we’re your safeguard in the digital realm. Elevate your intellect and fortify your company’s safety with us.

Less damage through cybercrime and greater safety through smarter employees

Navigate a world with less cyber wreckage and heightened safety, all thanks to Cyberdise – where smarter employees are the ultimate shield! Picture this: reduced cyber havoc, amplified security, and a workforce armed with intelligence. Join us in rewriting the narrative of digital threats.
We realized the flaws in the SAT industry and its solutions, so we decided to make it much better with a new product and new services!
– Palo Stacho

Managing Director Cyberdise

Who are we?

Our team consists of around a dozen cybersecurity awareness professionals who have been producing security awareness products and
content for years. We are spread all over the globe and our main location is in the heart of Switzerland in Zug.

Cyberdise AG, Poststrasse 26, CH-6300, Switzerland,, UID: CHE-281.405.790