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AI-Enabled Cybersecurity Awareness with Cyberdise

Cyberdise is a next-level Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Testing Solution with many editable trainings and support for AI-enabled Awareness Campaigns. Security Awareness Training (SAT) at its best!

We realized the flaws in the SAT industry and its solutions, so we decided to make it much better with a new product and new services!
– Palo Stacho

Managing Director Cyberdise

Why Cyberdise

Phishing and Smishing Exercises

Configurable phishing or smishing campaigns or even fully customized campaigns provide the most effective form of employee awareness. Brand new multilingual content adaptable to the company context allows the creation of individual campaigns. The use of custom phishing domains, with help from AI assistants, enables sophisticated spear phishing simulations. The Cyberdise solution’s interfaces to Active Directory/Microsoft Entra simplify recipient management. Dynamic recipient groups allow weaker employees to be served with separate awareness measures that are adapted to an appropriate level of training needs of less experienced users.
Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Training modules for employee sensitization

With the help of editable and mobile-friendly training modules, you can provide your employees with in-depth training on cybersecurity and other topics. Existing training templates can be customized and exported using the SCORM export feature and made available at third-party locations, such as the company intranet. A customer’s pre-existing training modules can also be reused within Cyberdise using the SCORM import and player. The quiz engine and the diploma generator allow the individual creation of certificates of attendance for training graduates.

Learning Management System and End-User Portal

If required, make learning content available to your users via the LMS. In the individual learning portal, the user has access to their yet to be completed training content, the history of their phishing/smishing exercises, their rating and their completed training diplomas.

Cyberdise Features

Configurable phishing report button

Make your employees part of your security system with the help of the phishing incident plugin. The configurable "phish button" from Cyberdise supports the engagement of your staff in reporting suspicious emails. Employees get the opportunity to collect points and improve their awareness rating. Depending on the configuration, employee reports can be forwarded to a wide range of destinations and sandboxes, with or without additional information such as message headers etc. Integrate third-party products such as the Microsoft Phish Reporting add-in if required.

Latest technology stack and AI integrated into the application core

Since 2023, Cyberdise has been developed from scratch to meet its customers' current security requirements. Two-factor authorization and brute force protection allow extended protection of administrator access. The central API layer also allows the solution to be embedded in customers' more complex system architectures. The product itself is designed as a platform or locally installable appliance so that the entire ecosystem can work with it. A fully functional premium edition is also available.

Cybersecurity Chatbot and AI Automators

Give your employees the opportunity to ask questions about your organization's security policies through the Cyberdise chatbot. Make sure that the answers correspond specifically to your policies. Another feature is the Campaign Awareness Automator. This supports the Cyberdise operator in the creation of individual campaigns and training (under development).

Designed for end customers and cybersecurity companies

Cyberdise is designed as a product for larger end customers for whom standardized out-of-the-box awareness measures are insufficient. The multi-tenancy of the product, the ability to create and integrate your own content, and the extensive white labeling options allow Managed Cybersecurity Service Providers (MSSP) to build, maintain and distribute their own cybersecurity awareness offerings.


Cyberdise Awards

Company of the Year

2024 Gold Winner

Company of the Year - Security Education, Globee Award for Cybersecurity

Innovation of the Year

2024 Bronze Winner

Innovation of the Year - Cybersecurity, Globee Award for Cybersecurity

Services and support are guaranteed

We are aware that our customers and partners rely on and appreciate good support and further services! Our range of services includes technical support (dedicated/shared), services related to the creation of awareness campaigns or programs, cybersecurity awareness as a service, or other consulting services.

Cyberdise counts on the Ecosystem

If you are a Managed Security Service Provider and offer Awareness Services, Cyberdise is your provider of choice! Contact us to set up a collaboration.

Cybersecurity Awareness

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