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Cyberdise Version 1.9 Enhanced Control & Security

Release v1.9.0

Key Features:

1. IP Address Range Limits

In the new version it is possible to configure the landing page so that it can only be accessed from specific IP address ranges, preventing it from being freely available to everyone on the Internet. Multiple IP address ranges can be specified. Each range should be provided in one of the following formats: single IP address, IP address range, or CIDR notation.

2. Campaign Start Checks

Before launching a campaign, Cyberdise now performs an extended optional list of checks to ensure the seamless operation of each campaign. These checks are designed to improve both the reliability and performance of campaigns, identifying and addressing potential issues in advance.

3. Send Training Diploma as PDF

We have enhanced the delivery options for training diplomas. In addition to providing a hyperlink for users to view their training diploma online, we now offer the option to send the diploma as a PDF file. This enhancement provides users with greater convenience and accessibility, allowing them to easily download, save, and print their diplomas for personal records, professional portfolios, or sharing with employers and educational institutions.

4. REST API Documentation

Cyberdise provides comprehensive documentation for RESTful API. This documentation provides the administrator with the necessary information to seamlessly integrate and leverage Cyberdise’s features. With detailed explanations of endpoints, parameters, authentication methods, and response formats, developers can quickly and effectively utilize our API to build custom solutions, extend functionality, and integrate Cyberdise into their workflows with confidence.

5. Operator GUI in German

Cyberdise has been localized into German, expanding accessibility for German-speaking users. This localization enables users to view the user interface, instructions, and content in their preferred language, enhancing user experience and facilitating platform usage.

6. Data Masking for Collected Data

We have introduced a new configuration option that enhances data privacy and security by masking data submitted during phishing simulations before it is stored in the database. This feature ensures that sensitive information is protected, reducing the risk of exposure and maintaining the confidentiality of the collected data. Full anonymization is still possible of course.

7. LDAP(s) Configuration

This feature enables seamless integration with LDAP(s) servers for user management. In future versions this will allow efficient and automated handling of user data, ensuring that Realm’s user information is consistently up-to-date across your systems.

8. Enhanced Information for Workstation Instance Administrator

SuperAdmins now have access to more detailed information on the license overview page, providing insights such as: license edition, license limitations, license end date, number of users belonging to each tenant.

9. License Management Enhancements

Building on the multi-tenancy feature released in version 1.6, we have significantly upgraded our license management policies:

  • Each installation can now have multiple licenses allocated. Each tenant within an installation has its own separate license.
  • License Assignment and Unassignment: System administrators can now assign and unassign licenses to specific tenants within an installation.

10. Automatic Update on Campaign and Program Dashboards

Cyberdise implemented automatic updates on the campaign and program dashboards. This means that users will always have the latest information without needing to manually refresh the page. With this feature, users can stay up-to-date on campaign progress and program details with ease and efficiency.

For any questions or further assistance, please contact our support team.

Cyberdise Version 1.9 Enhanced Control & Security