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Cyberdise Version 1.7 Introducing Programs and Whitelabel Features

Key Features of Cyberdise Version 1.7:

1. Programs:

With the introduction of “Programs,” Cyberdise revolutionizes the approach to cybersecurity training. Programs enable the consolidation of campaigns into cohesive units, streamlining the management of comprehensive courses. Each Program encompasses a series of campaigns, seamlessly integrating different modules. This holistic approach empowers organizations to cultivate a robust defense strategy while fostering a culture of cyber awareness among employees.

2. Whitelabel:

Cyberdise Version 1.7 introduces Whitelabel capabilities, offering enhanced customization options for organizations. With Whitelabel, businesses can tailor the platform to reflect their brand identity, reinforcing trust and cohesion within their ecosystem. This feature underscores Cyberdise’s commitment to providing adaptable solutions that align with the unique requirements of every client.

3. UI Localization:

In response to global demand, Cyberdise Version 1.7 is now available in French. The addition of UI localization enhances accessibility for Francophone users, facilitating seamless navigation and comprehension of the platform. This expansion reflects Cyberdise’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility on a global scale.

Cyberdise Version 1.7 Introducing Programs and Whitelabel Features