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Cyberdise Version 1.6 Enhancing Security and Client Management


Cyberdise Version 1.6 introducing significant enhancements in tenant management and database security

In Version 1.6, Cyberdise introduces a completely new tenant/client segregation system, marking a milestone in user management within the platform. With global-level settings and a structured hierarchy, tenants are now the uppermost level, offering unprecedented control and organization. Each tenant encompasses multiple realms, streamlining management processes and providing users with an intuitive and efficient experience.

Cyberdise Version 1.6 brings advanced database field encryption capabilities. Utilizing cutting-edge encryption methods, the application ensures the utmost security for users’ confidential data. This enhancement underscores Cyberdise’s unwavering commitment to protecting user privacy and data integrity, empowering organizations to operate with confidence in today’s digital landscape.

Cyberdise Version 1.6 Enhancing Security and Client Management