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Cyberdise Version 1.5 Revolutionizing Employee Testing

Cyberdise Version 1.5 elevates your employee testing experience like never before.

  •  Simulation Breakthrough: presenting Smishig 

CYBERDISE brings you a cutting-edge simulation of “SMS phishing,” also known as smishing. Transform the way you test your employees by simulating real-world social engineering attacks through fake mobile text messages. Safeguard your organisation against downloading malware, sharing sensitive information, or falling victim to cybercriminals.

  •  Anti-Robot Click Protection: false positives eliminated 

CYBERDISE Version 1.5 takes cybersecurity to the next level with the introduction of Anti-Robot Click Protection. Say goodbye to false positives!  By enabling this feature, prevent third-party applications such as firewalls, spam filters,

robots of mobile operators or virus filters from automatically requesting links during your chosen time period. Cyberdise ensures you receive only genuine data.
  •  Enhanced WYSIWYG Editor: Intuitive and Powerful!

Version 1.5 unveils a new and improved What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, making user experience more intuitive than ever before. Easily navigate and customize your simulations with a user-friendly interface.

  • Tailored Editions for Every Need: Choose Your License!

CYBERDISE Version 1.5 introduces different editions of the product, ensuring flexibility based on your specific licensing requirements. Tailor CYBERDISE to suit your organization’s unique needs and scale up your cybersecurity efforts effortlessly.

Cyberdise Version 1.5 Revolutionizing Employee Testing