Cyberdise AG

Cyberdise Version 1.5 Revolutionizing Employee Testing

Cyberdise Version 1.5 elevates your employee testing experience like never before.  Simulation Breakthrough: presenting Smishig  CYBERDISE brings you a cutting-edge simulation of “SMS phishing,” also known as smishing. Transform the way you test your employees by simulating real-world social engineering attacks through fake mobile text messages. Safeguard your organisation against downloading malware, sharing sensitive information,[…]

Cyberdise Version 1.4 Unleashes Domain Freedom and Training Excellence

CYBERDISE Version 1.4 not only offers the option to use customers’ own domains but also enables the selection from pre-registered domains available for lease or purchase directly within the appliance. With seamless integration over the domain registration API, the process becomes effortlessly accessible. Version 1.4 also introduces the ability to easily create or customize training[…]

Cyberdise Version 1.3 Phishing Simulation AI Assistant

CYBERDISE version 1.3 provides customers with complete anonymization functionality for phishing simulations and awareness training. The second AI feature has also been introduced: Highly personalized phishing mails can now be generated with the help of the ‘Phishing Simulation AI Assistant’. The Content Life Cycle is also available from V1.3: Security Awareness Training (SAT) material can[…]

Cyberdise Version 1.2 Advanced Content Lifecycle

Version 1.2 of Cyberdise introduces the content lifecycle for all customer systems. Phishing  or training templates can now be updated and downloaded automatically or on demand from the central content management. It is now also possible to historize chat sessions in the Cyberdise Cybersecurity Chatbot and, last but not least, bugs have been fixed, especially[…]

Cyberdise Version 1.0 restricted ramp-up started

The first version of the awareness platform is available! The system includes all the basic functionalities for creating phishing campaigns, conducting awareness training and the cybersecurity chatbot, which answers users’ questions about the company’s cybersecurity guidelines.   V1.0 will be made available to select customers. Global availability is expected in mid-October. For further details, a[…]